The Parable of the Untrained Sub

ParableSub days can be scary days for why do so many teachers insist on making the same mistakes that substitutes do on a regular basis?Suppose for a second that you could not be in your classroom for an extended period of time. The district made every effort to secure you a qualified long-term substitute, one with content knowledge and a background in education; however they were unable to do so. Due to a shortage of qualified substitutes, the district was forced to hire someone who is seemingly not qualified to do your job, however they have a good heart and have expressed interest in teaching. They’ve passed a background check and are deemed trustworthy enough for the position.  Despite no formal education, your district decides this person will be your long-term substitute.

Most of us know many of these types of people in our lives - great people, supportive of education and good with kids. Perhaps they could have made a good teacher, but as it is, they lack any education beyond high school and lack the academic qualifications for the position. They’re our family members and friends, the people who say “I could never do what you do” but we love them nonetheless.

Stop Playing the Victim: Teachers and the Blame Game

  “Victim playing (also known as playing the victim or self-victimization) is the fabrication of victimhood for a variety of reasons such as to justify abuse of others, to manipulate others, a coping strategy or attention seeking.” ~The Honorable and Trustworthy Wikipedia.



You can’t blame teachers, really. Poor folk. We’ve been told by everybody from our friends and colleagues to the President of the United States that we’re not doing a very good job and we need to improve. So while Bill Gates attempts to throw money at the problem and politicians try to act like they have any idea what goes on in our classrooms, we the teacher’s are left feeling like the whole world hates us.

The only problem is we’ve started to believe them.

Are You A Believer?

Before a classroom can be considered “Focused on Learning” the teacher must first believe that they have the means, motive and opportunity to guarantee student learning in their classroom.  True Edunators don’t “hope” students learn and they don’t leave themselves an escape route by saying “If the student does [x] then they can learn.” Bull. Great teachers, true Edunators, GURANTEE students will learn, because they know how to overcome every obstacle to learning.

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Is My Classroom Focused on Learning?

Step 1: Accept Responsibility For Learning

Step 2: Grading For Learning

The Poor Man's Excuse for Standards Based Grading

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Step 3: Develop a Culture of Learning

Step 4: Lesson Plan For Learning

Step 5: Reflecting For Learning